Productive Compass

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Hyper Learn and Hyper Focus with the Productive Compass!

The Productive Compass is a Second Brain system. It’s built to cultivate knowledge, create products, provide motivation, build social networks, promote self-growth, and elevate productivity through strategic workflows and accountability systems.

Have you ever been in a position where you're about to start working on a project or coming back from a break and thought:

  • "What task should I do next?", "Where was I again?"
  • "Where is it? I know I have that file here."
  • "I just can't find my notes when I need them the most."

If you are either someone…

  • Who doesn't know where your life is going?
  • Who lacks the motivation to keep up with your projects?
  • Who doesn't see any progress with what you do?
  • Who needs visuals and everything must be in front of you?
  • Who has trouble looking for your files, notes, and tasks?
  • Who gets easily distracted and lost in your deep work and research?

You are not alone. We understand!

We’ve experienced the same struggles and obstacles.

And that’s why we’ve created the Productive Compass!

What you'll get:

Basic Version

  • PARA Methodology
    Organize your projects and resources in one system.
  • Quick Capture
    Easily capture notes, tasks, and bookmarks you think are worth saving.
  • Project Centric Workflow
    Everything that you need for a specific project is in one view.
  • Tasks Management
    Manage today, tomorrow, completed, weekly, and past due tasks.
  • Knowledge Management
    Fast Retrieval of notes, bookmarks, and resources through the Research page.

Full Version

  • Everything in the Basic Version
  • Book Reading Plan
    Carefully curate reading plan for self-growth, money, and success.
  • Goals Tracker
    Includes the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Setting Workflow. Evaluate and Rewards
  • 50/30/20 Budget System
    Simple Finance System to manage Needs, Savings, and Wants.
  • Weekly Reviews
    Evaluate yourself with questions to check stats and growth.
  • Growth Reading Plan
    List of 65 books curated for personal development and success matters.
  • Personal CRM
    Build better connections and relationships.
  • Mobile Compass
    The mobile-compatible version of the Productive Compass.
  • System Backup
    System views can be retrieved when accidentally deleted.

VIP Version

  • 1-2 hours call with a Notion Expert.
    Use the time for customizations and Notion work.

What will your future look like with the Productive Compass?

You're able to create and build with efficiency. Produce insights swiftly.

Get the Productive Compass Now and Unleash your full potential!

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Productive Compass

16 ratings
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